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  • TV clips
    • New Zealand TV3, Inside/Out, 16 June 2002.
      From an event in New Zealand (april 2002) where Tony Brooks is illustrating how it is possible to create aesthetic resonant environments on a large scale and for a large cross-section of the public, including disabled and elderly people (27 minutes).
    New Zealand TV3, Inside/Out, 16 June 2002
    • Swedish TV4: interview from AC2000, 14 September 2000.
      With a glimpse from the exhibition of the CAB project and comments from children, local organiser Bo Gustafsson and i3net coordinator Niels Ole Bernsen. In Swedish and Danish (2 min.).
    Swedish TV4: interview from AC2000
    • TVDanmark: ITV, 20 April 2000.
      During an interview with Tony Brooks examples of his work is shown, much of which is based on music (he is a former bass player) and partly for the benefit of disabled people. In English and Danish (30 min.).
    TVDanmark: ITV, 20 April 2000
    • SKY TV, GlobalVillage clip1, 2 February 2000.
      "We don't teach technology, we teach with technology" says Alison Druin in this presentation of the i3 ESE projects. Also with comments from Duncan Smith, Bridget Cooper and Steven Benford (5 min.).
    SKY TV, GlobalVillage
    • SKY TV, GlobalVillage clip2, 2 February 2000.
      Interviews with Patrizia Marti about the HIPS project, and also with Giorgio De Michelis and Antonietta Grasso who tell about the CAMPIELLO project (7 min.).
    SKY TV, GlobalVillage
  • NIMIS:
    • NIMIS: TV1 television francaise (main evening news), 26 February 2000.
      In this feature from the French evening news about the NIMIS classroom the teacher and some children are commenting (French, 2 min.).
    NIMIS: TV1 television francaise
    • NIMIS: RTL, Guten Abend NRW (regional evening news), 9 June 1999.
      The classroom of the future has an interactive blackboard. One of the pupils is testing NIMIS, hear what Julia thinks. Also commented by Ulrich Hoppe (German, 2 min.).
    NIMIS: RTL, Guten Abend NRW
    • NIMIS: ZDF, logo Kinderprogramme (news for children), 4 June 1999.
      The most modern classroom in Europe has a touch screen instead of a blackboard. Hear the opinion of the children and the teacher (in German, 2 min.).
    NIMIS: ZDF, logo Kinderprogramme
    • NIMIS: ZDF, Drehscheibe Deutschland (regional news), 4 June 1999.
      100.000 DM is the price for the electronic classroom with multimedia for children in the first grade. Ulrich Hoppe, school children and the teacher are commenting (German, 2 min.).
    NIMIS: ZDF, Drehscheibe Deutschland
    • NIMIS: SAT1, Hauptnachrichten (main evening news), 2 June 1999.
      The digital blackboard makes it easier to teach. With comments from children and NIMIS coordinator Ulrich Hoppe (German, 2 min.).
    NIMIS: SAT1, Hauptnachrichten
    • NIMIS: WDR3, Aktuelle Stunde (local evening news), 2 June 1999.
      A demonstration of the electronic classroom commented by Frank Tewissen, Ulrich Hoppe, the pupils and their teacher (German, 3 min.).
    NIMIS: WDR3, Aktuelle Stunde

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