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An overview of the i3net web pages is provided to show their basic structure.

A web server statistics gives an overview of the number of visits paid to the i3net web site.

The following icons are used on the i3net web pages with meanings as explained:

is a link to a survey of the most recent information on this server and a list of future and past i3 and i3net calendar news.

is a link to pages which are only accessible for i3net Members

All i3net web pages contain a bottom-page bar with active links to the Esprit home page at Cordis and the EUROPA web server.

We recommend the use of a relatively recent browser, such as Netscape 3.0 or later.

We will be very happy to receive any ideas you might have for improvements of our web pages:

If you have technical comments and suggestions concerning these web pages please send email to webmaster@i3net.org

If you have comments and suggestions concerning the contents of the i3net web pages please contact coordinator@i3net.org

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