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This page shows in keywords the general research topics of each i3 project and the particular research areas it will be addressing.

Project Topic Research areas
AMUSEMENT Virtual amusement space; games. Representation of Individuals and Crowds, Avatars and Social Interaction Techniques, Multi-Lingual Comprehension Tools, Levels of Accessibility and Participation, Scalability and Dynamic Distribution of Load, Channels to Broadcast Information.
CAMPIELLO Dynamic exchange of information and experiences between the community of people living in historical cities of arts and culture, their local cultural resources and foreign visitors. Interaction techniques, electronic whiteboards, paper-based interfaces, multi-function devices (e.g., for printing, scanning and copying), multimedia knowledge bases, hyper-media electronic publishing, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), information retrieval technologies, multi-lingual comprehension aids.
COMRIS Wearable assistant ('parrot') to enhance participation in large scale events (conference, trade fair) occuring in mixed-reality spaces that are co-habited by real and software agents. Software agents, mixed reality, wearable computing, machine learning, virtual societies, social science.
CO-NEXUS Dynamic database that can be approached by a personal agent based on real life experiences. Databases, avatars, internet.
ERENA Electronic arenas. Multi-user virtual environments, social interaction, agents, crowds, mixed-reality, navigation, virtual spaces, networking.
ESCAPE Heterogeneous large scale landscapes capable of allowing a wide range of different spaces to coexist. Virtual environments, user centered interfaces, artistic and aesthetic issues.
HIPS Navigating a physical space and a related information space at the same time, with a minimal gap between the two; tourists. User-models, information presentation, multimedia databases, user adaptivity, interaction.
LIME Community - Collective Memory - Social Interaction - Ubiquitous Access - Intelligent Agents Interaction design, software agents, multimedia technology, representation and presentation of information space, sociological and ethnographic studies.
MAYPOLE Connecting people, places and objects to perform a shared activity; taking children to school. Communication tools, real-time interaction, design, usability.
MLOUNGE A virtual meeting place for the members of a geographically distributed community to share knowledge and experience. Whiteboard, web-based tools, multi-party communication, multi-input channel communication, speech-operated information retrieval, media conversion techniques, communication bandwidth, speech and gesture, usability, design.
PERSONA An approach to navigation based on a personalised and social navigation paradigm. Different approaches to navigation, information spaces, socially-based interaction, individual differences, user analysis, agents, narratives, social navigation.
POPULATE AvatarKiosks to automatically build Avatars for a large number of people. Avatars.
PRESENCE New interaction paradigm with pleasurable multi-modal input/output devices; support assistance, communications and accessing mobility; elderly people. Interaction techniques, active object techniques, design.

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