The i3 Annual Conference, October 20-22, 1999
Siena (Italy)

Community of the Future
New visions of information technology products in everyday life




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List of participants at i3AC'99
The 'Community of the Future' envisions new interaction paradigms and information technology scenarios that have the potential to empower ordinary people in every day activities into the next millennium.

The conference draws upon the themes of the intelligence, information, interfaces, i3 research programme that covers connected communities, inhabited information spaces, and experimental school environments. Submissions may address any relevant topic including, but not restricted to:

  • Future technologies to support children's learning
  • Wearable, mobile technologies
  • Creativity and expression through interactive environments
  • Social and personal interactions in experimental environments
  • Working with children in virtual and real environments
  • Collaborative environments
  • Interactive spaces in the real world
  • Interactive media design and paradigms for interaction and learning
  • Beyond the desktop





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List of participants at i3AC'99

A draft version of the programme for the conference is available on two forms:

Until Wednesday 29 September 1999 you are kindly invited to sent corrections to:

For the various performances, presentations, etc, the following electronic equipment will be available: one overhead projector, one VCR (VHS - PAL) with monitor or projector screen, one data projector that connects to your portable, both PC and MAC. A technical will be available for each room. For slide projector: please, confirm that it will be needed during your pressentation to Alberto Bianchi, email:

The European Commission will utilise i3 Annual Conference in Siena to assess the i3 event as a whole and the individual projects by use of reviewers and 'viewers'.

The schedule for the project assessment can be found in the i3 Assessment Programme.
Registration is not required to take part in the review sessions.
For details on the assessment principles, consult
i3 project assessment.
Reviewer addresses.

The exhibition will encompass stands for all i3-projects, as well as non-i3 projects.

The exhibition will be housed in three adjoining rooms on the ground floor of the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in the square in front of the of Siena cathedral.

All stands will be provided gratis with a reasonable number of chairs, tables, and power plugs. Projects who requested internet connection will get this.

Other equipment, for example, computers may be rented. For details, please, contact Alberto Bianchi, email:

The exhibition

The exhibits should be set up from 09.00 to 18.00 on Tuesday, 19 October 1999, The exhibits should be removed by 18.00 on Friday, 22 October 1999.

As the Santa Maria della Scala Museum is situated within the pedestrian area of historic Siena, you only can reach it by foot. If car transport is required for artefacts for your exhibition, you should contact Alberto Bianchi, email:

Fee: 300 Euro

Special web site information:
Special fee for EC staff, EC reviewers, and EC-paid viewers: 90 Euro. The registration disk will have a list of the applicable people.

Deadline : 24 September 1999

Registration provides you with a conference badge, which is required to

  • attend workshops, interactive performances, paper sessions, panel discussions, workshops, etc
  • obtain the printed programme
  • get a copy of the proceedings
  • be served coffee six times
  • get three lunches
  • take part in the Social Dinner.
You can get access to the exhibition by paying a normal museum ticket.

Registration are made by sending the
Registration Form to:
Servizio Congressi-Universitį di Siena,
Banchi di Sotto 46,
I-53100 Siena, ITALY;
fax: +39 577 232134

A variety of hotels are available in Siena. Details are found on the Hotel Reservation Form.
Hotel reservations are made by sending a filled in
Hotel Reservation Form by fax or snail mail to:
Cooperativa Siena Hotels Promotion,
Piazza S. Domenico, 2,
I-5310 Siena, ITALY;
Fax: +39 4577 280290

The i3 Annual Conference 1999 will take place in various locations within historic Siena.
The main localities will be the Santa Maria della Scala Museum, the Teatre dei Rozzi, and a Siena University building.
Maps of Siena city and environs.

Siena is situated in the Tuscany hills of Central Italy, 65 km south of Florence.
Additional travel information.

A limited number of opportunities exist for sponsors of the conference. Commercial exhibitor and sponsor notification fee: 3,000 Euro. Organisations are invited to contact the i3net Business Development Manager,
Jens Kr. Damsgaard,
phone: (+45) 6315 7232


European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces (i3net)

The global vision pursued by i3 is to help shape the future through comprehending the basic structures and trends in society and in the life of the individual. Based on that understanding, lines of exploration will gain prominence and be adopted as research programmes exploring new relationships between technology, people and design.

i3, the European initiative for intelligent information interfaces, was created in 1996 in order to take a human-centred approach to the exploration of new, visionary interactive systems for people in their everyday activities .

The i3 community strives to achieve this through a number of activities aimed at facilitating interactions among a wide range of researchers including those with expertise in human computer interaction, computer-supported co-operative work, art and design, communications technology, psychology, sociology, and other related areas.

Two research programmes comprising twenty-six i3 research projects each comprised of an international consortium, and a supporting network of excellence, i3net. More than 100 organisations from academia, industry, artists and small business represented by some 300 people constitute the i3net community. i3 currently carries out 75 Million Euro ($ 90 Million) worth of multi-disciplinary research sponsored by the European Commission ESPRIT long term research programme. Project developments includes contributions from several industrial and small business, Alcatel, BT, FORTHnet, France TELECOM, Lego, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, BT, and Telenor.

The i3 research programmes are structure by two themes:

CI - Connected Community and Inhabited Information Spaces
- explores computing for communities of ordinary people, virtual communities as well as local and physical communities.

ESE - Experimental School Environments
- focuses on the school environment of the future for the 4 to 8 years old. The first internationally comprehensive research initiative of it's kind world wide.

The i3net Annual Conference Organising Committee:

Organising Committee:

Lars Heide, Conference Manager
Natural Interactive Systems laboratory, Odense (DK)

Alberto Bianchi, Local Organiser
Universitą degli Studi di Siena (I)

Local Organization:

Sebastiano Bagnara
Universitą degli Studi di Siena (I)

Giuliano Benelli
Universitą degli Studi di Siena (I)

Omar Calabrese
Universitą degli Studi di Siena (I)

Patrizia Marti
Universitą degli Studi di Siena (I)

Pierluigi Piccini
City of Siena (I)

Programme Committee:

David Benyon, chair
Napier University, Edinburgh (UK)

Richard Millwood
Ultralab, Essex (UK)

Marilyn Panayi
Natural Interactive Systems laboratory, Odense (DK)

Thomas Rist
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH, Saarbrücken (D)

Duncan Smith
Crystal Presentations Ltd, Birmingham (UK).

Manfred Tscheligi
CURE - Centre for Usability Research & Engineering, Vienna (A)

Business Opportunities:
Jens Kr. Damsgaard
Natural Interactive Systems Laboratory, Odense (DK)

i3net Secretariat:
Lars Heide, i3net Manager
Natural Interactive Systems Laboratory, Odense (DK)

EC liaison:
Jakub Wejchert
European Commission

To join the conference mailing list for further information:

Send an e-mail to:
with the sole text body: "subscribe cof"
Subject is irrelevant .

- or contact:

Community of the Future
i3net secretariat
The Natural Interactive Systems Laboratory
University of Southern Denmark, Science Park 10
DK-5230 Odense M, DENMARK
Tel : (+45) 6550 3551, Fax: (+45) 6315 7224



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