This year's i3 Annual Conference, Building Tomorrow Today, will integrate key concepts and perspectives from innovative computing technologies, the design of interactive and collaborative systems, and research into systems which support communication and collaboration among communities.

The i3 approach to Building Tomorrow Today gives special importance to symbioses of new technologies and innovative design, to social and participatory approaches to systems engineering, and to experiential and action research.

The conference will be structured around the following topics:

  • integrating physical and virtual informationspaces;
  • tangible artefacts and embedded interactive objects;
  • ambient interactive computing (e.g. in "intelligent homes" or in environments for leisure and play);
  • connected communities (e.g. in neighbourhoods, around school and home, within professional communities);
  • innovative technologies supporting early learning.

The conference programme will feature thematic sessions (with submitted and invited contributions), interactive performances, workshops, invited plenary talks and an exhibition, garnished with social events.

i3net - The European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces was created in 1996 in order to take a human-centred approach to the exploration of new, visionary interactive systems for people in their everyday activities. For more information see www.i3net.org