Internal communication TG

Launched: i3net CG 4.9.1998

Leader: Richard Millwood, Anglia Polytechnic University

People:Niels Ole Bernsen, Odense University, C. Bouras, Computer Technology Institute, Lars Heide, Odense University, Laila Dybkjśr, Odense University, V. Kapoulas, Computer Technology Institute, Manolis Koutlis, Computer Technology Institute, Giorgio de Michelis, University of Milano, Patrick Purcell, Imperial College London, Javier Segovia, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Duncan Smith, Crystal Presentations.

Action Plan:(1) quickly identify and specify internal communication needs within the CG and its TGs (very short term goal, VSTG), (2a) quickly establish workable setup for videoconferencing between a number of pilot CG&TG sites to be identified, (VSTG), (2b) quickly establish a workable web based collaborative software for the use of various CG&TGs (VSTG), (3) identify common i3 work spaces outside CG&TGs, (Medium term goal, MTG), (4) look at collaboratories (5th FP) (MTG), (5) spin off an ESE web site

Budget: 65 Keuros (1st year)

Deadlines: to be proposed

Reports to CG produced: 29.10.1998, 18.1.1999, 19.3.1999, 28.5.1999, 23.8.1999

Actions and results:

Call out: 9.10.1998 (CI), 22.10.1998 (ESE): deadline 28.10.1998/noon

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