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i3net, the European network for intelligent information interfaces, was created in 1996 to explore visionary, human-centred interactive systems for people in their everyday activities.

The global vision pursued by the i3 community is to help invent and shape the future through comprehending the basic structures and trends in society and in the life of the individual. Based on that understanding, i3 focuses on research lines that investigate new relationships between technology, people and design.

i3net has supported three research programmes: Connected Community (1997-2000), Inhabited Information Spaces (1997-2000) and Experimental School Environments (1998-2001). More recently it has also begun to adopt relevant organisations outside those programmes as member sites, and built links with closely related EC initiatives such as The Disappearing Computer (2000 - 2003). All this brings the current size of the community to about 450 researchers from around 150 organisations, one third of which are companies.

The mission of the current i3 interim network (March 2002-February 2003) is to provide continuity for the community while a proposal for a new network, supported by a broad panel of i3 members, is developed and negotiated. The name of this new network will be Convivio.

These pages describe the evolving goals and strategy of i3net, its programme and organisation.

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