i3 at Orbit/Comdex Europe 2001

The i3 community is preparing to participate in the Orbit/Comdex Europe Conference/Exhibition on 25-28 September in Basel, Switzerland.

The i3 Research Village exhibition will cover 420m2 and the i3 annual event will take place adjacent to Orbit/Comdex Europe 2001.

Please direct any inquiries concerning the i3 participation to Orbit/Comdex Europe 2001 to:

Exhibition: Marc Blasband Tel: (+31) 30 699 2343
Email: cplr@worldonline.nl
Annual event: Nanett Mosumgaard Tel: (+45) 65 50 35 54
Email: namo@nis.sdu.dk

Call for exhibition proposals to the i3 members (20 February 2001)
Call for electronic art proposals to the i3 members (3 March 2001)
Introduction of the employment corner (12 March 2001)

Follow the preparation process on this site. More information coming up shortly.